Our Commitment

It is our strong belief that those who have given gifts in the past felt that the leaders of Grayson UMC could best determine what the needs of Grayson UMC are, and they expected their leaders to be good stewards of those gifts.  As a result, we, the Board of Directors in concert with the leaders of Grayson UMC, are committed to being the best stewards of any gifts received by the Foundation and have vowed to ensure that all gifts are used in the best interest of Grayson United Methodist Church.

Who Are The Board Of Directors?

Each member of the board is a long time member of Grayson UMC, each has had or has extensive management experience, all have proven their commitment to Grayson UMC by serving in key lay leadership positions and all are committed to contributing to God’s vision for Grayson UMC.